Wasatch has partnered with ColorBlend, a specialty textile software created and tested in the heart of textile manufacturing, Como, Italy.
ColorBlend was designed specifically for the textile market, giving users ultimate colour control over separated images. ColorBlend's specialty tools allow a user to create colorways, precisely match spot colours, create textile-specific profiles with the ColorBlend Profiler, and much more.
"We're excited to help expand Colorblend's market beyond Como, Italy and we anticipate big benefits for our customers in the textile industry," comments Mike Ware, President of Wasatch Computer Technology.
ColorBlend works seamlessly with Wasatch SoftRIP. The colorway feature makes it incredibly easy to create hundreds of colour variations from a single design while the advanced colour tools give a user precise control of their output. The ColorBlend Profiler was specifically designed for profiling textile, but its versatile feature's means it will work well with most media.
Wasatch Computer Technology sells and services ColorBlend. All ColorBlend purchases include a Wasatch service contract that includes access to Wasatch's expert technical support staff.


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