Createx in South Africa, sister company to our own Coritex in Sydney has installed the Hollanders ColorBooster 320 digital textile printer and ColorFix textile fixation machine at Bidvest Digital. This is the first Hollanders printer to be sold in Africa.

The printer was installed at Bidvest Digital’s new hi-tech print facility on 4 August, with Peter Hollanders, CEO and founder of Hollanders, present to do the installation himself, with the assistance of the Createx technical team.

Colorbooster 320 at Bidvest in South Africa
Peter Hollanders, CEO and founder of Hollanders and Grant Potgieter, General Manager, Bidvest Digital.

'We are excited to enter the Africa Market with our partners from Createx with their sale to Bidvest Digital,' said Peter Hollanders, CEO of Hollanders. 'We pride ourselves with our high quality and environmental standards in our machines, which give our customers the highest colour gamut and offer upgradable technology to ensure they can use the machine for many years.'
'We are excited to have this phenomenal brand in our factory, which gives us the opportunity to offer unique, bespoke and niche fabric solutions to our customers,' said Grant Potgieter, General Manager, Bidvest Digital. 'We entered the market not just to compete, but to offer innovative solutions to our customers.'
The Hollanders ColorBooster digital textile printers are high-end, modular and upgradable printers with a high productivity for direct to textile printing with disperse high energy direct dyes and disperse low energy sublimation dyes. Having all the environmental advantages of the ColorBooster DS, the ColorBooster 320 is designed to offer users flexible modularity that can be upgraded in the field as and when needed.
The Hollanders ColorBooster can either print to transfer paper, with low energy disperse transfer sublimation dyes, or direct to textile with either the low energy transfer dyes or the high energy disperse dyes.
The ColorBooster is a highly durable industrial printer with the capability for unattended overnight printing. The unique build-in print head shower allows longer runs, extends the head lifetime and minimises the ink usage for purging dramatically.
The printer includes the renowned Hollanders media transport system with roll weights up to 100kg and an optimised Anti Ink-Mist system. The optional built-in humidifying and de-humidifying system as well as temperature cooling and heating control guarantees an optimal and stable print environment throughout the entire printer resulting in reproducible a reliable print results.
The biggest advantage is the ability to order a made to measure system with the number of print heads, number of colour channels, speed requirements and the application requirements in mind.
The ColorBooster is equipped with customer changeable Ricoh Gen5 heads and has an on-board remote support system. Supplied with customer changeable Ricoh Gen5 heads, the CB 320 will be delivered with water based direct (high energy) disperse dyes typically very suitable for direct printing because of the high light fastness and production stability during fixation without bleeding or a halo.
With a maximum roll weight of 250kg, the CB 320 is particularly suitable for the mentioned overnight printing, the only true printer that can print unattended.
The Hollanders ColorFix 320 is a zero contact middle wave infrared textile fixation machine developed for the fixation of disperse high energy direct dyes and disperse low energy sublimation dyes. Complementing the ColorBooster 250, 320 and the ColorBooster XL print solutions, the ColorFix is an independent unit that can be used as a colour fixation machine autonomously, regardless of printer manufacturer.
It incorporates middle-wave infra-red energy with zero contact, no protective paper and the guarantee of exact and consistently accurate temperatures across the entire surface of the fabric. This enables precision fixation of the colours without any deformation of the textile, resulting in very high UV resistance, durability and colour vibrancy.
Because there is no waste material and its use of energy is low, this system is economic in use and eradicates the need for heat presses and steaming equipment. The Hollanders ColorFix 320 incorporates its own computer. 14 sensors measure at different positions the actual fabric temperature to control the fixation temperature. Fixation temperature and fabric width can easily be entered in the display. Furthermore, the tension of the fabric can be adjusted.
A roll-to-roll device, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with an end-to-end workflow and, typically, keeps pace with three ColorBooster printers. Being an independent device means that productivity is more efficient as the compromises typically found in integrated print-and-fix systems are eliminated, allowing for greater versatility and higher levels of productivity.
The start-up time of the ColorFix will be typically 10 minutes and the shut-down time is none. The ColorFix is suitable for unattended operation and designed for minimum operator intervention with an automatic turn-off at cloth end.




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