Bordeaux Digital Printink for the first time in its 16 years has created a hardware solution in addition to its inks.

At the SGIA show Bordeaux launched the Velvet Jet direct to fabric printing line. They say that the Velvet Jet pretreatment-printer-heater combination allows every print shop to establish a new textile printing line with ease, promising total synergy with the Eden PG ink and simple, streamline print process with excellent print quality.
The Velvet Jet PB180 printer allows print speeds of up to 120 m2/hour with 4 printheads, and is upgradable to 8 and 16 printheads, for increased capacities. The printer is equipped with a sticky belt in order to handle every type of fabric, utilising the full capability of the ink. Printing inline on the Velvet Jet line requires a single operator due to the printer-heater synchro-unit, which facilitates printing speed, and tension unit, which maintains fabric tension throughout the system at all times.
Bordeaux euipment lineWith its new Oeko-Tex and GOTS certifications Eden meets the highest standards, allowing its use even for the most sensitive printing applications - baby clothing. In addition, as it is using one single process with no need for wash and dry cycles, the Eden PG is also the most cost effective textile ink solution in the market today.
Bordeaux also Introduced its solutions for industrial printing, showcasing a range of tailor made inks for specific applications, as well as the ability to custom-develop inks for every need. At the show the high quality prints of the new Plasma VG (for Vutek GS printers) and Plasma HF (for HP FB printers) was displayed. Again Bordeaux pushed its boundaries and demonstrated its ability to develop ink solutions for any needed application.
“Bordeaux’s booth at SGIA drew a lot of buzz around its textile ink solutions display. We are excited to lead the change for the textile market and to be able to simplify the complexity of textile printing.”, says Guy Evron, Marketing Director at Bordeaux, “Our newly developed textile printing line completes our puzzle as we now offer all solutions under one brand. With our solvent, UV and now textile solutions print shops have the advantage of getting a full range of solutions, technical support and warrantee from a single and reliable source.”


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