Durst has launched the 3,2m wide Rhotex 325 – a  dual purpose printing system that combines direct-to-textile printing and transfer paper printing technology.

The Rhotex 325 provides printing solutions for multiple markets, as well as dual technologies, covering soft signage (flags, banners, back-lit displays), home textiles (table cloths, bed linen, upholstery) and clothing (sportswear, T-shirts, accessories). With the new Durst WTS printhead technology, the Rhotex 325 achieves exceptionally high-quality print output using water-based, environmentally friendly, 100% VOC free Durst Dye-Sub Inks at POP production speeds of 170m2/h (1,800 sq.ft./h) up to 350 m²/hour (3,700 sq.ft. /hour).  The robustly built Rhotex 325 is equipped for unattended 24/7 productions.
Rhotex 325
“We are very pleased to be offering such a flexible, ecological system,” says Christoph Gamper, CEO Durst Group. “The Rhotex 325 offers high print speed on a wide array of materials, and further extends that flexibility with direct or transfer methods; all with our new eco-friendly water-based solution.”
Rhotex 325 Key Features
•New 3.2 meter wide reliable transfer- and direct to textile printing system with excellent image quality at POP production speeds of 170m2/hour up to 350m2/hour.
•No media pre-treatment and finishing process needed.
•100% VOC-free and environmental friendly, water-based dye sublimation inks for transfer paper and direct to textile printing.
•Special designed new Durst WTS printhead technology with accurate dot placement and high production speeds.
•Very low ink consumption.
•Industrial printing system, designed for continuous 24/7 production for:
Soft-Signage applications: Wall Decorations, Flags, Banners, POP Graphics on stretch media, high quality backlit displays for lightboxes and high quality indoor- and outdoor graphics
Home Textiles: Bed Linen, Upholstery, Table Cloths.
Clothing: Sports Wear, T-Shirts, Accessories.
•Built-in hot air drying system up to 110°C (230°F), designed for high production speeds and constant drying over the entire 3,2m media width.
•Special media transport system designed for transfer paper- and direct to textile– printing and built-in automatic printhead cleaning system for continuous production.
•Easy media handling and user friendly touch screen software, designed for continuous production with Print Queue and Hot Folders, management functions and remote monitoring capability via web interface.

Powerful production workflow with Caldera GrandRIP+ Server, including live spooler, Easy Media Software.



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