Vastex pin registration system for side clamp screen printing presses allows film positives to be registered onto screens off-press. Each screen can then be aligned in register on-press in minutes.

According to the company, the system eliminates virtually all of the trial-and-error time associated with registering screens on press, minimising set-up time and increasing accuracy, especially on multi-colour jobs. The VRS system Vastex pin registrationallows an operator to align all film positives in registration on the pin board, and maintain that registration when transferring positives onto each printing screen held in position against rubber screen stops. Once screens are exposed, the pallet jig is secured to one pallet of the press, allowing each screen to be held against stops before being secured to the side clamp of each respective print head, maintaining screen-to-screen registration.
The VRS system accommodates wood, aluminium or retensionable screens up to 58 cm W x 79 cm L, pallets 35 to 53 cm wide, and fits side-clamp presses of most makes and models. Additional VRS systems are available for rear clamp manual presses and automatic presses, as well as an ‘RS Lite’ combination pin board/pallet jig version, that is ideal for small shops looking to save space.


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