GJS took the wraps off its new industry knowledge base and Creator Community, an online hub designed to support its digital decoration customers and provide a forum for people to connect, be inspired and share knowledge.

The launch of the GJS knowledge base continues GJS’ proud tradition of exceptional and industry-leading customer support and after-sales support and is designed to be a further value-add to support loyal GJS customers in an increasingly price-driven market.1 gjs knowledge base

The knowledge base already includes over 600 support articles and is driven by powerful heuristic search technology that enables creators to quickly and easily find the answers that they are seeking. “Gone are the days of downloading a PDF document and misplacing it in the print room or fumbling through paper to find the times and temperatures needed to sublimate an item or instructions on how to operate and maintain equipment,” said Greg Stone, Managing Director, GJS.
The knowledge base also deeply integrates with the GJS website, providing powerful support options and assistance to customers from any page that they are browsing.

“Now, from any page on the GJS website and from within the knowledge base you simply type what you’re looking for in the help/search field and the relevant articles and help documentation will be presented to you. For example, if you’re looking for the time, temperature or pressure to sublimate our popular 11oz mugs you might enter ‘sublimate mug’ and several articles will be immediately available to you in the help window.” Greg added.

If accessed via the GJS website, the support articles open directly in the help widget giving creators access to all the information that they need without having to leave the page they might be browsing.
To help streamline the support experience, creators will only be shown articles relevant to the solutions and consumables that they have recently purchased.

“What this means is if you’re a creator who has one of our dye sublimation solutions and searches for ‘printer maintenance’ you’re not going to be shown a whole lot of articles relating to the maintenance of direct to garment printers,” Greg added.

In addition to the knowledge base, GJS today launched its Creator Community, a conversation hub that is designed to bring together Australia’s biggest collective of 'digital decorators, photo-gift producers, garment customisation gurus and embellishment entrepreneurs.'

With existing topic areas such as dye sublimation, direct-to-garment printing, heat transfer vinyl, laser printers and doming, GJS hopes that these forums will become a place for valuable information sharing, networking and even shared business opportunities.




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