They say that the ‘retail apocalypse’ is a reality, especially in the fashion and textile markets. Brick and mortar stores are confronted with low growth rates and closures even, as consumers shift their focus to online ordering and individualized products.

The supply chain needs to react; and it is in some ways. Industry 4.0, textile micro-factories, end-to-end digital production are no longer distant future concepts - leading players are implementing them right now. Smaller and mid-sized print service providers and garment decorators turn to digital production and integrated workflows to dig deep into the retail supply chain and cut costs wherever they can.

kornit avalanche HD
The Kornit Avalanche HD printer

Kornit Digital offers solutions to these challenges, present and/or future. The company’s mission is to make digital textile printing more robust and reliable, while simultaneously cutting cost per print and improving throughput. The launch of the Avalanche HD has been a significant step forward, reducing ink consumption and therefore cost per print by almost 50% as compared to previous Kornit systems. Fespa will mark the global launch of a new mid-range product most screen printers and digital printers will want to have.

At FESPA 208 we will show these technological advancements in a hands-on approach:

- by demonstrating an integrated textile micro-factory including the Kornit Allegro
- by showing the Allegro neon configuration, while we are at it
- by putting HD quality into DTG and delivering output on the Avalanche HD6 and a brand-new product
- with Jasmin threading the needle on her sewing machine to turn the printed textile into a Fespa souvenir.

Kornit Digital


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