USA based APJeT have announced their Dry Plasma Process, a process that uses atmospheric plasma to cure durable finishes to textiles and other substrates, including nonwovens and film, and has little-to-no effect on fabric hand or colour. It also safely treats fabrics and other substrates made from heat-sensitive fibers and materials.


APJetMartha A. Miller, Vice President of Business Development at APJeT said, “We have seen a great deal of excitement about our durable, cost-effective, eco-friendly process, especially from industries struggling with water issues tied to traditional finishing processes.” This, she said, is because APJeT offers a clear alternative that is both effective and sustainable."

Miller added, “With APJeT’s new RTP facility we have increased our production scale and development capabilities therefore increasing our ability to run customer development and production scale trials. This is important news for companies in a wide variety of industries looking for an effective alternative to water-based finishing.”

Planet friendly, APJeT’s patented dry plasma process removes water from the finishing process and significantly reduces the energy and chemicals needed to achieve a durable, high performance finish.



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