The DS-4000 Digital Squeegee is a hybrid printing solution, combining high-resolution digital printing with the speed and savings of screen printing.

MR DS 4000Complicated artwork can be set up and printed quickly with a minimum of screens and without costly separations or custom ink mixes.

The Digital Squeegee prints a high resolution CMYK image on top of an inexpensive screen-printed underbase on a variety of fabric types.

Bridging the gap

At 400 prints per hour, the DS-4000 bridges the gap between standard DTG imaging and traditional screen printing.

The machine also features full colour CMYK prints on screen printed underbase at 400 shirts per hour

Additional features include:

• Compatible with StrykerTM, Challenger III, and Gauntlet III automatic presses.

• Maximum image areas from 38 x 48cm (15″ x 19″).

• Fast set-up with minimal screens and no pretreatment.

• Custom digital prints with special effects on cotton and polyester performance fabrics.

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