FUJIFILM Dimatix has introduced STARFIRE 1024 AQMF and AQLF printheads designed for printing on ceramic tiles using eco-friendly aqueous inks. 

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 “The new STARFIRE 1024 printhead is a high-performance, easy to integrate, drop-on-demand product that offers single-color operation at a resolution of 400 drops per inch,” said US-based FUJIFILM Dimatix, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of piezoelectric, drop-on-demand industrial inkjet printheads, and a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation.

The global ceramic tile market is projected to continue its growth and reach about $285 billion in 2025, according to Research and Markets’ “Global Ceramic Tiles Market 2021 to 2025” study published in June 2021.

“As the tile industry grows, ceramic tile manufacturers are evolving their production processes to meet emerging environmental standards,” said FUJIFILM Dimatix. “Additionally, these manufacturers address demand for large ceramic tile slabs with improved colour vibrancy. One of the key enablers of such evolution is the use of aqueous inkjet inks. These inks are designed to meet new environmental sustainability goals and reduce air pollutant and volatile organic compound emissions, as well as to produce vibrantly coloured tile designs. 

“As a leading supplier of printhead technology to inkjet printing system suppliers in the ceramic tile industry, FUJIFILM Dimatix continues its pioneering development of the STARFIRE printhead to meet increasing demand for aqueous-based ink chemistries while also maintaining its acclaimed, core technology capability such as ink recirculation. STARFIRE products boast a track record of reliability, address evolving ceramic tile printing system needs and are an ideal solution for the ceramic tile industry.”

Martin Schoeppler, chief executive officer and president, FUJIFILM Dimatix said: “As a leader in innovative printhead technology, FUJIFILM Dimatix is committed to providing industrial inkjet solutions to its OEM customers to support the transition to aqueous ink ceramic printing. This is a significant step forward not only for the ceramic tile industry but also for the environment, and we are pleased to offer the new STARFIRE printhead to our OEM partners to help them to serve the needs of these end user customers. We are pleased to continue this journey with our OEM partners who develop print systems designed to support a sustainable ceramic tile printing future.”

Screen Shot 2022 09 29 at 5.51.46 pmMichael Wozny, product manager, FUJIFILM Dimatix: “These are exciting times in the ceramic tile industry, where FUJIFILM Dimatix and its OEM partners are addressing emerging industry demands. Fujifilm has invested in the R&D necessary to ensure that our production class STARFIRE printheads continue the tradition of uptime, consistency, and robustness that our OEM customers are accustomed to.  To reach this point we collaborated with System Ceramics SpA who is committed to the advancement of digital printing and sustainable production in the ceramic tile industry.”   

FUJIFILM STARFIRE 1024 AQ printheads will be commercially available in October 2022. 

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