Superfine is Mohawk's flagship grade of more than 70 year and is recognised globally for its superb formation, lush tactility, and timeless appeal. From offset to digital printing, the entire Mohawk Superfine range is made with windpower and is FSC- certified.

Mohawk Superfine FoldMe

Founded in 1931, Mohawk, Part of the Fedrigoni Group, produces some of the finest specialty papers for designers, brands, and printers.

Acccording to Melissa Stevens, Chief Marketing Officer at Mohawk, for Fedrigoni Special Papers North America:  “Mohawk
Mohawk fedrigoni Melissa Stevens
Superfine's legacy takes another innovative step forward, . Known for flawless print results for offset and digital printing, expanding into packaging was an important next step for our customers who entrust their branded materials to Superfine. engineered for packaging, the Mohawk Superfine Folding Board has a superior print surface for inks, foils, embossing, and other embellishments, elevating luxury packaging from good to great."

Mohawk Superfine now includes 16 new folding board items engineered to be scored and folded to create sophisticated and beautiful packaging.The expanded offering within the Mohawk Superfine portfolio includes 2 shades, 2 finishes and 4 weights:


  • Eggshell finish White/Ultrawhite 300gsm
  • Smooth finish White/Ultrawhite 364gsm


  • Eggshell finish White/Ultrawhite 338gsm
  • Smooth finish White/Ultrawhite 406gsm


  • Eggshell finish White/Ultrawhite 365gsm
  • Smooth finish White/Ultrawhite 441gsm


  • Eggshell finish White/Ultrawhite 433gsm
  • Smooth finish White/Ultrawhite 541gsm

Mohawk was founded in 1931 in Upstate New York, and has produced some of North America's best-known fine papers for designers, brands, and printers for over 90 years. Mohawk's parent company is Fedrigoni Group - one of the world's leading manufacturers of special paper for luxury packaging and other creative applications, self-adhesive materials, RFID, and connection solutions.

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