Fresh from appointing Currie Group as its Australia-New Zealand dealer, digital cutting specialist Elitron invites visitors to drupa 2024 for a first-hand look at the upgraded Kombo TAV, which is claimed to be a notable advancement in digital cutting technology.

Elitron upgraded kombo tav

Elitron logoAll set for display in Dusseldorf, Hall 16, Stand D11, the Kombo TAV represents Elitron's latest efforts in pushing the boundaries of productivity and automation. Representatives from Currie Group will be in periodic attendance on the stand.

Paolo Malatesta, Elitron’s Executive Director, shares insights into the development of the Kombo TAV says: "The next chapter of the Kombo TAV represents a significant stride in digital finishing. This fully integrated system has been refined for enhanced productivity and efficiency, marking an important shift for the industry and solidifying our resolve to deliver substantial ROI promptly."

The Kombo TAV stands out with notable improvements with up to 35% in speed, 40% in production efficiency and 30% less energy consumption. These developments reinforce Kombo TAV's reputable position in the market, championing a renewed productivity and environmental consciousness standard.

Tailored Innovations for the Future

The Kombo TAV is not just ready for Industry 4.0 but is equipped with the adaptability for Industry 5.0 and the integration of upcoming AI advancements. Daniele Gallucci, President of Elitron America, says: “At Elitron, we are driven by innovation and customer satisfaction. The significant improvements we’ve achieved are thanks to our new motion system and redesigned electronics. But technology is just one part of the equation. Our real strength lies in our customer-centric approach. We don’t just develop products; we create solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to our customers and innovation is what truly sets Elitron apart.”

Cutting System for Every Need

The Kombo TAV is not the only highlight; Elitron is also set to display the compact Spark cutting system. Designed for sample making, the Spark is equipped with a versatile multi-tool cutting head, Seeker System vision system, and Stressless Working Technology, ensuring a smooth transition from design to production.

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